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Mini Mushroom Leek Tart

This summer I have served mushroom leek tartlets a few times when hosting friends. Having made different versions of Mushroom tarts and galettes, I find these bite size version is the best and has been a crowd pleaser every time. Thanks to Chef Chao for inspiring me years back in 2015! I have been continually improving on this recipe 😊. Read More

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Ambon Binka Honeycomb Cake

I have tried making Ambon Binka countless times. None had great success. This holiday mold came just in time for Christmas. I thought why not give it a try again? Much better. Can’t get enough chewiness out of mini cakelets however. Will try again in a larger square pan next time. Ingredients Starter 2 tsp active dry yeast 1 Tbsp all purpose Read More

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Chinese Rojak (Salad in Shrimp Paste Dressing)

Updated: June 26th, 2021 Updated pictures and added green mango to the ingredients. Tastes delicious as always as long as you have Chinese crullers as the anchor. With all these bright and juicy fruits in the mix, the cucumbers are tasting a little flat. Next time, I will consider adding fresh lychee and guava. First Published: September 7th, 2015 My Read More

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Pizzadilla and Superbowl Party

EK and I decided that we should watch the Superbowl this year. This is my first attempt preparing for a Superbowl party. How do you like my party spread? Feels like I am feeding an army, but its really just the two of us pigging out :P. This is also the first time I tried to make Pizzadilla. If you Read More

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Kueh Pie Tee

My sister sent me two tubs of Kueh Pie Tee shells last month. She told me there is a limited shelve life and I have been under pressure to do something with it. I tried filling them with the Popiah (Fresh Spring Rolls) filling this weekend, and they turned out awesome! It gives the savory spring roll filling a new Read More

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