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Oven-baked Sambal Salmon Pockets

I wanted to create a sambal fish recipe for a while but had no luck with the white fishes I tried. The halibut and tilapi both tasted flat and failed the wow factor test. I picked up a package of BBQ salmon from Trader Joes last weekend. Its probably worth a try with a pink fish? WoW! The result is Read More

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Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)

First Published Sep 18th 2015 I have been on a sambal mission lately. The main reason: I have these precious bottles of home-made crispy ikan bilis and peanuts couriered from Singapore. Now that I have the sambal chilli handy, it is time to whip up the Nasi Lemak. The cast: coconut rice, crispy ikan bilis and peanuts, Sambal Telur (Eggs), Read More

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Sambal Udang (Hot and Spicy Shrimps)

My sambal chilli came in handy for yesterday’s Labor Day BBQ. I was able to whip up this Sambal Udang dish in 10 mins and it tastes awesome. At least my guests say so ;). I have always wondered what is the difference between shrimp and prawns since coming to the US. We called it ‘prawns’ back home, but in Read More

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Sambal Chilli

First Published August 30th 2015I like Nasi Lemak, the star of the dish is not the coconut rice and all the fancy sides that go with it. The star for me is the sambal chilli. Having tried this recipe, I realized it is not too difficult to enjoy this delicate condiment with the help of the food processor. I only Read More

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