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This is another of those yummy dishes that I tried at Genwa in Los Angeles. I spent the whole morning preparing the banchan (side dishes) and bulgogi. The rest is just an assembly cexercise. It took much longer than I wanted, but I really enjoyed this colorful and healthy meal. Ingredients Beef bulgogi 200g spinach 3/4 lb soy bean sprouts Read More

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Saffron Almond Rice Pilaf

When I came across this Saffaron Almond Rice Pilaf recipe years back, I discovered so many firsts: First time I bought saffaron and found out that a tiny pinch of saffaron costs a bomb! First time I discovered that the Jasmine rice I grew up with have a cousin called Basmati Rice First time that I found out you can Read More

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Claypot Rice

  Claypot rice, stir-fried greens, and Chinese tea. A perfect combo for a family dinner on the weekend. The best part is that I cooked this in the rice cooker 😉. It so easy, yet so delicious. Ingredients Chicken 2 lb boneless, skinless chicken thigh, cut into bite-size pieces 1 tsp salt 1 tsp msg 1 tsp dark soy sauce Read More

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Lobster Jambalaya

Bought three lobster tails last weekend, and I have been wondering what to do with it. Hillary convinced me to cook lobster jambalaya. I modified Emeril  Lagasse’s Jambalaya recipe to incorporate the lobster and colorful pepper. Last time I tried this recipe, I took the short cut and dumped everything in the rice cooker. That didn’t turn out well, it was Read More

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Yam Rice (芋头饭)

  One of my favorite lunch place while working in Singapore Science Park is the boneless duck shop down at the end of South Buona Vista Road. The tender braised duck is served with their signature thick soy sauce over a plate of fragrant yam rice. Since I made my first braised duck this weekend, I decided to make the Read More

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