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Crystal Dumplings (水晶包)- 2 ways

2nd successful attempt May 2022 Tried again in May in preparation for the 59th Gourmet Club meet. This time the result is perfect! The skin was translucent, chewy, and held the pleats well after steaming. The filling was delicate, savoury, and delicious. I am ready for the party! Alas, the much anticipated club meet was thwarted by Covid again with Read More

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Shrimp Mango Ceviche on Avocado Sauce

I’ve tried making ceviche with raw shrimp and lime juice multiple times without success. Perhaps psychologically, I just believe they are not cooked through without heat. This time I tried a new approach and poached the shrimp instead. It turned out great! Simple, easy, and safe! Ingredients 1/2 lb shrimps, shell on and deveined Mango Salsa 1/4 cup mango 1/4 Read More

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