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Crystal Dumplings (水晶包)- 2 ways

The gourmet club meet has been suspended for two years due to Covid! so glad we are meeting again in May! As always, I can count on the Lams to come up with super challenging theme for this club meet: ELEMENTS : WATER  *  WIND/AIR  *  FIRE  *  EARTH 😯. I volunteered to make 水晶包 – WATER, though I have never tried Read More

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Shrimp Mango Ceviche on Avocado Sauce

I’ve tried making ceviche with raw shrimp and lime juice multiple times without success. Perhaps psychologically, I just believe they are not cooked through without heat. This time I tried a new approach and poached the shrimp instead. It turned out great! Simple, easy, and safe! Ingredients 1/2 lb shrimps, shell on and deveined Mango Salsa 1/4 cup mango 1/4 Read More

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