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Prawn Mee (大虾面)

I saw some HUGE tiger prawns at the market yesterday and couldn’t resist the temptation to attempt Hokkien Prawn (Hae) Mee. I asked the market if they would give me the prawn heads in the tray and they kindly agreed! I got a pound of the tiger prawn heads for free! That made cooking this dish so much cheaper and Read More

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Sambal Udang (Hot and Spicy Shrimps)

My sambal chilli came in handy for yesterday’s Labor Day BBQ. I was able to whip up this Sambal Udang dish in 10 mins and it tastes awesome. At least my guests say so ;). I have always wondered what is the difference between shrimp and prawns since coming to the US. We called it ‘prawns’ back home, but in Read More

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