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Braised Pork with Egg and Fried Bean Curd (卤蛋)

Updated: June 21st 2021 How time flies! I have cooked this dish many times since it was first published in 2015. It was always at the request of EK or the children. It is one of the most requested dish these days when the girls visit. I cooked it again this weekend and managed to capture the key steps with Read More

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Char Siu n Crispy Pork Belly Rice (叉烧烧肉饭)

We had to shelve our yearly SG trip in May due to Covid-19. That also mean that my entire list of must-try hawker food is also shelved. One of those item on the list is 叉烧烧肉饭 (Char Siu and Crispy Pork Belly Rice). Whenever I order Char Siu rice, I like to look for the ones that are glistening with Read More

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Kong Bak Bao (扣肉包)Braised Pork in Soy Sauce

I remember this is one of the must-have dish when we visit Westlake Eating House back home. The pork is always braised to perfect tenderness, and the sauce is to die for. I cooked this on the stove top for one and a half hour. The meat is still not tender enough. Next time, I’ll cook it in the slow Read More

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Siu Mai (烧卖)

My first guest post! I’m writing this post on Hillary’s behalf. From preparing the filling to wrapping the dumplings, she did it all on her own. I take credit for the pictures however, and I was the taste tester 🙂 Great job! Way to go Hillary! Prep Time: Hmmm…, started on Saturday and finished on Sunday, with many R&R time Read More

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