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Fried Ikan Bilis and Peanuts

I received a jar of sambal chilli over the holidays from my friend Sheong. For many week’s I’ve been thinking how best to enjoy this prized possesion. What else? its Nasi Lemak! I haven’t been cooking much since moving to Scottsdale. This jar of sambal really came in handy. Whipping up Sambal Ikan Bilis couldn’t be easier with this ready-made Read More

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Chinese Braised Peanuts

I usually count on canned braised peanuts whenever the recipe calls for them. I decided to make them in my own kitchen this time for Chinese Glutinuois Rice. Use the slow cooker, and you don’t have to keep an eye on them as they soak up the flavors of spice, soy sauce and rock sugar. They are tasty as appetizer, Read More

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Pad Thai

One of my favorite dish when visiting a Thai restaurant is Pad Thai. I like its sweet, salty, and tangy taste. The sprinkle of ground peanuts also gives this tasty, chewy noodles a little crunch. One important note is that you need to serve this dish immediately; all that tasty, yummy sauce gets soaked up by the noodles quickly if Read More

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