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Lee’s Omurice

Finally, the family is coming together again over Labor Day weekend. Ashley arrived first and asked for Omirice. I looked up the recipe on the net; that creamy football-like omelette is a little daunting! Fried rice and runny omelette dressed in ketchup are the key components of Omurice. I am going to dress this dish in my childhood favorite ketchup Read More

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Sweet Onion Omelette

Life’s simple pleasure is sweet onion omelette with a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice.  Shelter-in-place forces me to cook so much every week. Its tough to juggle working and cooking on a week day. I am grateful to have this simple and delightful dish to turn to when I don’t have the time prepare an elaborate meal. This sweet onion Read More

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Thai Omelette

This is the most unassuming dish at our dinner table tonight and I think it turned out to be the tastiest dish for the evening. Everyone took a bite and was amazed how yummy it is. Yes, plain simple omelette but with a few atypical omelette ingredients. This is a simple, quick, and easy dish for a homestyle Thai dinner. Read More

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