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Sugarless, Flourless Banana, Carrot, and Fig Muffins

I made these True Food muffins for Hanna. Last time I published the carrot, parsnip, zuchinni bread recipe, she told me to make it for her when she visits during Thanksgiving. Since Hillary is visiting her in New York to celebrate their birthday together, I decided to surprise her with these hand-delivered mini muffins 😄. These muffins smell so good Read More

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Strawberry & Blueberry Muffins

The summer fruit bakes and desserts seem to strike a chord with my mother-in-law. These strawberry and blueberry muffins are no exception. The moment they come out of the oven, I found one of them missing. It’s so good that she couldn’t wait for them to cool! Her favorite part of these fruit bakes are the crunchy strussel topping. She Read More

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配料 (A)松饼顶 1/2杯白糖 1/3杯麵粉 1/4杯非常冷的牛油,切小方块 1 1/2 小匙桂皮粉 1/2杯切碎的核桃 (B)松饼 1 1/2杯麵粉 3/4杯糖(如果需要,取一汤匙减轻甜度) 1/2茶匙盐 2茶匙发泡粉 1个鸡蛋 1/3杯植物油 1/3杯牛奶 1杯新鲜蓝莓 几粒草莓切片做点缀 做法 将松饼顶的用料用刀割法混合成面包屑状。搁置待用。 烤箱预热至华氏400度。把松饼纸杯放在松饼盘里。 将麵粉,糖,盐和发泡粉放在一个大碗中混合均匀。 将鸡蛋和植物油放入量杯中,加入足够的牛奶填满一杯, 調入麵粉混合体成麵糊。 将蓝莓和草莓翻叠入麵糊里,平均的分入松饼杯中。 撒上第一程续的松饼顶混合料。 在预热的烤箱中烘烤25分钟,直到顶部成为金黄色即可享用。

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