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Stone Fruits Clafoutis

Summer fruit galore! I stopped by the farmers market this morning and there are stone fruits of all colors on display. Peaches, plums, pluots and more, and they are all bursting in juices and flavors. How can you resist? I came back with a full bag of stone fruits. They are best eaten fresh and naked, but what else am Read More

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Fresh Fruit Platter

I have to bring a fresh fruit platter to a Thanksgiving dinner. After scouting the internet for ideas on how to cut and arrange the fruits, this is my creation and contribution to the dinner party. While there is no cooking involved, it still took me a good hour to cut and arrange the fruits. It looks nice :). Capturing Read More

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Frangipane Tart

I love fruit tarts, fresh or baked. I love the frangipane (almond filling) in baked fruit tarts, and this recipe from Tartine is surprisingly easy if you use almond meal. I cut down the sugar by one-quarter compared to the original recipe. The crisp sweet tart shell, textured almond filling, tender and tart peaches and berries made a heavenly combo! Read More

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