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Durian Puffs

Durians. Love them or hate them. I am a durian lover. We only have access to the frozen version of these King of fruits, much of its distinctive ‘aroma’ is lost in the freezing process. We don’t get the kick out of sinking our teeth into thawed durian pulp. Nonetheless, beggars can’t be choosers. This weekend, I filled some choux Read More

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Petit Pains Au Lait (Bread rolls with milk)

Don’t the buns look delicious? I had always thought we can only get fresh hot buns in the restaurants, but we can do it at home too, if we care to try. Bought a Bread cook book years ago for $5.99 from a clearance bookshelf and I have only flipped through it all these years; it looks too hard to Read More

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