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French Toast with Banana Compote

I couldn’t resist the cinnamon challah at the 300 cafe again; turned it into banana compote French toast the next morning. Delicious! This is an easy brunch recipe. Will definitely make it again when the girls are home on a weekend. Ingredients French Toast One  1-lb loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Challah, cut into one-inch slices 6 eggs 1 cup half Read More

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Bread Pudding French Toast with Strawberry Sauce

I was planning on making simple French Toast for breakfast this weekend. This loaf of challah that I picked up from the 300 bakery looked so good that I feel it deserves some exquisite treatment than simple French Toast. There is no other place to turn to than my favorite Tartine cook book.  The Tartine Brioche Bread Pudding recipe says Read More

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