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Oven-baked Sambal Salmon Pockets

I wanted to create a sambal fish recipe for a while but had no luck with the white fishes I tried. The halibut and tilapi both tasted flat and failed the wow factor test. I picked up a package of BBQ salmon from Trader Joes last weekend. Its probably worth a try with a pink fish? WoW! The result is Read More

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Teochew Steam Fish (潮州清蒸鱼)

Being Teochew, we have steam fish frequently on our dining table when I was growing up. When we go to a Teochew restaurant, it is also a must have item on the menu. I think Teochews have perfected the art of steam fish! 😉 It is so fresh, tasty, and healthy. However, EK does not eat seafood, and I do not Read More

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年年有馀(鱼)Sweet and Sour Fish

My friend Kathleen asked me if I am going to make ‘that’ fish for Chinese New Year. I remember making it for her when she visited us many many years back. I’m glad she still remembers the dish. Yes, I make it every single year. 年年有馀! Translate: A surplus every year! How can I miss that?! Ashley gets to have Read More

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