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Beancurd Roll in Oyster Sauce (鲜竹卷)

ABC in Foster City is closed 🙁! We miss the dim sum, especially the beancurd roll in oyster sauce (鲜竹卷). It is one of the few non-seafood item on the menu that EK will eat. The black fungus and bamboo shoots add a little crunch to this savory dim sum. While it is not too difficult to prepare these rolls, Read More

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Fried Raddish Cake (生煎萝卜糕)

While you can find these Fried Raddish Cake in all Dim Sum place anytime of the year, these savory cakes have a very special meaning during Chinese New Year. It symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Prepare them yourself and bring the good luck home! Ingredients 1 lb rice flour 1350g white raddish 2 pairs of Chinese sausage 2 Read More

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Fusion Egg Tart

  I tried to make Hong Kong egg tarts a couple of weeks ago with a recipe that took hours to prepare the flaky tart dough. It was way too hard and the results wasn’t that great. I’m determined to try it again today and this time, I decided to combine Tartine’s flaky tart recipe with the authentic Asian egg Read More

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Siu Mai (烧卖)

My first guest post! I’m writing this post on Hillary’s behalf. From preparing the filling to wrapping the dumplings, she did it all on her own. I take credit for the pictures however, and I was the taste tester 🙂 Great job! Way to go Hillary! Prep Time: Hmmm…, started on Saturday and finished on Sunday, with many R&R time Read More

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