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Crystal Dumplings (水晶包)- 2 ways

The gourmet club meet has been suspended for two years due to Covid! so glad we are meeting again in May! As always, I can count on the Lams to come up with super challenging theme for this club meet: ELEMENTS : WATER  *  WIND/AIR  *  FIRE  *  EARTH 😯. I volunteered to make 水晶包 – WATER, though I have never tried Read More

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Teochew Spiral Taro Mooncake

It is time for me to honor the Mooncake festival with some home-baked taro moon cakes.  I made the filling true to the Teochew tradition, with yam paste fried in shallot oil. Very happy with the outcome from my first attempt. The crust is flaky, and the filling is sweet and fragrant. Took me a long time, but the process Read More

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