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Tartine’s Lemon Cream Tartlets

I am so thankful to have received the Tartine Cookbook as a gift from Elaine. Every recipe that I have tried so far has turned out awesome. This lemon cream tart is no exception. It has the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness in the lemon cream. Following the original lemon cream recipe has allowed me to make only four Read More

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Kueh Salat (Pandan Custard on Glutinous Rice Cake)

      I have a sweet tooth and a soft spot for Nonya desserts and kueh. I am so grateful for the gift of the Cooking for the President cook book from Wai Ping. This book has kept me company over many weekends when I crave for some Singapore delicacies. Without easy access to the tools and ingredients, I Read More

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Fusion Egg Tart

  I tried to make Hong Kong egg tarts a couple of weeks ago with a recipe that took hours to prepare the flaky tart dough. It was way too hard and the results wasn’t that great. I’m determined to try it again today and this time, I decided to combine Tartine’s flaky tart recipe with the authentic Asian egg Read More

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