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Grilled Corn with Truffle Cheese Salt

We signed up for a wine and food pairing experience at Williamson Wines in Healdsburg this summer. One of the memorable dishes I tried there was a simple corn salad with truffle cheese salt. The taste of truffle really shines through in this refreshing salad. This is a very simple dish, and if you have the grill on standby, fire Read More

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Creamed Corn

Since the HoneyBaked store in Belmont closed a few years ago, I have make a one-hour trip to Palo Alto’s HoneyBaked every Thanksgiving/Christmas for our HoneyBaked Holiday Dinner. The primary target of the trip wasn’t the ham nor turkey, but HoneyBaked creamed corn! This year, I convinced EK that I will try to make creamed corn myself, so I can Read More

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