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Fresh Lychee Martini

My nephew-in-law Han Ming posted in our group chat that he has lobang for $2 per pound fresh lychee. That is a steal! I jumped at the lobang and asked for 2 lbs; they gave the lychees to me as gifts instead 😊. Thank you Han Ming and Syn Wee! There are about 25 lychees to a pound. It is Read More

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Even better Lychee Martini

With the left over lychee from my last attempt on lychee martini, I tried making the lychee puree myself. The outcome is richer and much better lychee martini. When you have to make the most of everything you have in the pantry, try the recipe with lychee syrup first, and save the best for last. One can of lychee, two Read More

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Lychee Martini

It is a different time indeed. The Covid-19 really forces us to reimagine/recreate how we live our lives. We spent the morning hiking in the beautiful Cave Creek Regional Park. We are fortunate to still be able to go out for a breath of fresh air and catch the wildflower in blooms. For the rest of the day, we stayed Read More

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Classic Margarita

    Here are all the gadgets and ingredients needed for a Classic Margarita. I had a couple of practice sessions and tuned the proportions exactly to my taste and liking. Who knew have the hidden talent of a mixologist? 😉 Prep Time: 5 minutes Serves: 1 Ingredients Margarita 2 oz Don Julio Tequila 2 oz Contreau 2 oz freshly Read More

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Pina Colada

Summer arrived in our backyard!  Summer is officially another 19 days away. We are so privileged to steal a few days from spring to celebrate summer early. There is no better way to welcome this beautiful day than a glass of frozen pina colada. Pineapple and coconut are two of my favorite cocktail ingredients; they came together perfectly in this Read More

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Minnie Frosty-Shake

While researching for the next gourmet club meet this afternoon, I came across the idea of using Oreo cookies to dress up a cocktail. I was so excited about the idea that I have to try it right away! So here is my concoction of the Minnie Frosty-Shake…love it! Prep Time: 30 min Serves 2 Ingredients White Chocolate Liqueur 2 Read More

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