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发财鱼生 (Yu Sheng)

Yu Sheng (鱼生), raw fish salad, is a uniquely Singaporean dish for Chinese New Year. Ours is a uniquely Koh family dish because someone in the house does not eat anything that swims. Over the years, I have managed to sneak abalone (鲍鱼) into the dish in place of raw fish. I like to prepare this dish for gathering with Read More

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年年有馀(鱼)Sweet and Sour Fish

My friend Kathleen asked me if I am going to make ‘that’ fish for Chinese New Year. I remember making it for her when she visited us many many years back. I’m glad she still remembers the dish. Yes, I make it every single year. 年年有馀! Translate: A surplus every year! How can I miss that?! Ashley gets to have Read More

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Pork Jerky (Bak Kua/肉干)

无鱼肉也好, 无鸡鸭也好, 新年肉干不能少! Translate: “Substitute pork for fish, duck for chicken, but there is no substitute for Bak Kua during Chinese New Year!”. I heard Bak Kua costs $53/kg in SG, these are priceless to me in the US. Just seeing the Bak Kua in a familiar Bee Cheng Hiang box makes me feel like Chinese New Year is in Read More

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Love Letters (Kueh Kapit/鸡蛋卷)

  I do not know why they are called love letters, but I have certainly fallen in love with another favorite Chinese New Year delicacies. It is so timely that Valentines day and Chinese New Year arrive at around the same time this year.  I have made these for the Valentines day cum CNY college care package. Without the charcoal Read More

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