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Three-Cup Chicken

I love three-cup chicken for the thick, aromatic sauce. While it is true that you need equal parts of soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil, the key to success of this dish is to have lots of garlic and basil. I tried it this weekend as part of the catering menu for the girls.  Delicious! Drizzle the sauce over Read More

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Pan Fried Rice Noodles (猪肠粉)

We often had plain rice noodles (猪肠粉) for breakfast when the girls were going to school. Simply pan fry and drizzle with soy sauce, sesame oil, and sesame seeds for a quick and easy fix. I have since turned this to a lunch dish by adding stir fried chicken, shrimp, and vegetables as topping. Another one-wok meal! Prep Time: 30 Read More

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What do I do with yesterday’s left over dashi stock? Cook more Japanese food! I am starting to realize how easy it is to prepare donburi. This recipe will get serious consideration when I need to whip up dinner quickly. Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 15 min Serves: 3   Ingredients 3 pieces chicken thigh, cut into bite size Read More

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Chicken Cutlet Donburi

I attempted Chicken Cutlet Donburi at Ashley’s request last weekend. Turns out that this is a really easy dish to make. I always wondered how the layer of onions and fluffy egg is made to taste so delicious? The secret is in the broth used to cook them! I stopped by the Japanese supermarket and picked up the key ingredients: Read More

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Chicken Quesadilla with Mango Salsa

This is one of Ashley’s favorite, she asks me to make it every so often on weekends. The mango salsa adds a fruity touch to the dish. It is a one-pan recipe. Thumbs up from the one who needs to wash dishes after the meal; only one-pan to wash :). I like it too because it is colorful and tasty!   Prep Read More

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Five Spice Roast Chicken

  The first time I roasted a bird was last Thanksgiving 2013; roasted a 12 lb turkey for a gourmet club event with the theme Fusion Thanksgiving. Since then, my roasting pan has been sitting in the garage. The girls asked me if I will ever use that roasting pan again? I decided that I will practice roasting a bird Read More

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