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Fried Raddish Cake (生煎萝卜糕)

While you can find these Fried Raddish Cake in all Dim Sum place anytime of the year, these savory cakes have a very special meaning during Chinese New Year. It symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Prepare them yourself and bring the good luck home! Ingredients 1 lb rice flour 1350g white raddish 2 pairs of Chinese sausage 2 Read More

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Mushroom Leek Tartlet

With some success at making flaky tart shells last week for the Banana Cream Pie, I saved an extra batch of the tart dough for this week’s attempt at Mushroom Leek Tart. It saves so much time to have the tart dough handy. I adjusted the Tartine’s Wild Mushroom Tart recipe to incorporate leek into the tart filing. We enjoyed Read More

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