Hanna’s Meat Loaf

I make home-cooked organic food for my pet dog Nike. Meatloaf is on the rotation every other week. Packed with ground turkey, brussel sprouts, carrots, kaiser rolls, eggs, and milk, it is in everyway much healthier than a lot of food we eat everyday. Many times, the girls will tell me they want to eat Nike’s meat loaf. This weekend, Read More

Molten Lava Cake

When the girls were running the catchthegivingbug charity club in high school, I used to make dozens and dozens of these lava cakes for their bake sale to raise funds for Plan USA. We sold them at $3 a piece (standard muffin size), and they were snatched up in no time by hungry high-school students. Looking back, those were crazy Read More

Sunshine Smoothie

Ashley told me she is the Smoothie Queen. I like to challenge her title with this Sunshine Smoothie. I used my favorite Cara Cara orange with frozen banana, mango, and strawberries. Cut and freeze the fruits the night before, and the next morning, enjoy a power start to the day in minutes. Ingredients 1 frozen banana, in bite-size chunks 1 Read More

Pan Seared Salmon with Cucumber Slaw

I was hooked on the Sesame Salmon bites from Three Restaurant and Bar after the first visit. Those salmon bites are crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. They are so good that I hardly ever try any other items on their menu. This is my attempt to recreate the dish at home so that I Read More

Lemon Ricotta Cake with Raspberry Sauce

My abstinence from dessert only lasted one week 😔. I found an excuse to use some leftover ricotta cheese in the fridge, and made this moist lemon ricotta cake with raspberry sauce. Few can resist a lemon, cheese, and raspberry combo. Ashley said, she’ll try half a slice, but she went back twice for more. It is good. Ingredients Ricotta Cake Read More

Savory Bread Pudding

I am a fan of bread pudding. If it is on the menu, you can bet that I’ll be having pudding for dessert. My favorite is Baked French Toast for breakfast. The sweet, spongy, custard-like texture just appeals to my tastebuds. I bought two loaves of French Bread from Costco last week. I found another pudding recipe in my favorite Read More

Teochew Steam Fish (潮州清蒸鱼)

Being Teochew, we have steam fish frequently on our dining table when I was growing up. When we go to a Teochew restaurant, it is also a must have item on the menu. I think Teochews have perfected the art of steam fish! 😉 It is so fresh, tasty, and healthy. However, EK does not eat seafood, and I do not Read More

Pan Fried Sugar Rice Cake with Taro – Nian Gao (煎年糕)

It is symbolic to eat Sugar Rice Cake during Chinese New Year because its name in Mandarin – Nian Gao (年糕) is a homonym for 年高 –  年年高升, meaning growing taller or making progress year after year. I’ve learnt this version of pan fried sugar rice cake from my mum-in-law. She likes to sandwich the rice cake between two thin Read More

Yu Sheng for Year of Pooch

It’s the Year of the Pooch! Before Nike came into our lives, I could not imagine living with a dog. I am a convert now. Just seeing him wag his tail, snuggling up by my side when I work, and imploring with his soulful eyes to play brings so much joy and affection into our family. What did I miss Read More

Fried Raddish Cake (生煎萝卜糕)

While you can find these Fried Raddish Cake in all Dim Sum place anytime of the year, these savory cakes have a very special meaning during Chinese New Year. It symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Prepare them yourself and bring the good luck home! Ingredients 1 lb rice flour 1350g white raddish 2 pairs of Chinese sausage 2 Read More

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