Sausage Bacon Hash

I am always in search of breakfast recipe that allows me to prepare the night before. This one that you can prepare in the evening and go to bed in peace. Next morning, crack an egg and stick it in the oven. Full hot breakfast ready in 25 minutes. Easy peasy! Ingredients 12 oz Hot Italian sausage 3 strips cooked Read More

Fusion Spicy Peanut Slaw

I like the crunch of coleslaw but not the creaminess of the dressing. How to make a light and refreshing coleslaw without the cream? Try this recipe using Asian sauces instead. Its a great side dish for a BBQ dinner. Ingredients Dressing 1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter 1/4 cup coconut sugar 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 1 Tbsp minced Read More

Soft Boiled Egg with Kaya Toasts and Kopi

There is no better pick-me-up on a Sunday morning than two soft-boiled eggs drizzled with dark soy sauce, freshly toasted Kaya toasts, and a cup of freshly brewed kopi (coffee). This is my favorite kopitiam (coffee shop) breakfast back home. My secret to a perfect soft-boiled egg is the gadget below, shipped from SG by Hwee. Thank you! We’ve had Read More

Kaya Toasts (Toast with Coconut Jam)

An authentic Singapore-style breakfast at the kopitiam (coffee shop) has to come with kopi (coffee), soft-boiled eggs, and kaya toasts. I have all the casts to create this breakfast at home except kaya (coconut jam). For years, I did not attempt to make this jam since someone told me that it requires hours of stirring the jam over the stove. Read More

Thai Omelette

This is the most unassuming dish at our dinner table tonight and I think it turned out to be the tastiest dish for the evening. Everyone took a bite and was amazed how yummy it is. Yes, plain simple omelette but with a few atypical omelette ingredients. This is a simple, quick, and easy dish for a homestyle Thai dinner. Read More

Orange Avocado Salad

I rarely eat salad, but this is one salad that I prepare whenever we need a healthy, low-carb lunch. The combination of these bright, juicy cara cara oranges and avocado creates a creamy yet refreshing salad. There is absolutely no guilt having this for lunch 🙂 Does Hillary and Ashley approve? Ingredients 3 cara cara oranges, pared and sliced 1 Read More

Roasted Banana Parfait with Maple Pecans

I was looking for some new dessert recipes and came across this Parfait recipe in the Tartine cookbook. What really caught my attention is that you can make ice cream without an ice cream maker! I also learned that Parfait means “perfect” in French. This “perfect” recipe is definitely a keeper. It is soft, light, and delicious. Prep Time: 2 Read More

Vietnamese Noodle Bowl with Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken

Finally, after three quarters of  ‘catering’ food for the girls, EK actually made a real contribution this week. He grilled the chicken! And he was very proud that the chicken was grilled to perfection. Seriously, I wouldn’t have survived three quarters of mass cooking every weekend without him manning the cleaning department. The proof is in all the utensils that Read More

Tartine’s Lemon Cream Tartlets

I am so thankful to have received the Tartine Cookbook as a gift from Elaine. Every recipe that I have tried so far has turned out awesome. This lemon cream tart is no exception. It has the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness in the lemon cream. Following the original lemon cream recipe has allowed me to make only four Read More

Leek Flower Bean Cake Stir Fry (韭菜花炒金枕头)

I had a discovery last week in my culinary adventure. Leek flower. I am surprised they taste so crisp and sweet! Stir fry with golden fried bean cakes, they are an awesome pair. Furthermore, leek flower is so clean, and easy to prepare. I will definitely be trying out more recipes with leek flower in the future. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: Read More

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