Even better Lychee Martini

With the left over lychee from my last attempt on lychee martini, I tried making the lychee puree myself. The outcome is richer and much better lychee martini. When you have to make the most of everything you have in the pantry, try the recipe with lychee syrup first, and save the best for last. One can of lychee, two Read More

Split Pea Porridge

With the self-imposed shelter-in-place practice, we have been stocking up the refrigerator and pantry; doing our little bit to minimize trips to the store. With every meal, I have to decide to do without or find substitute if some ingredients are missing. Let’s just call it ‘creative’ cooking. We are craving dessert. I pulled out some leftover frozen split peas Read More

Lychee Martini

It is a different time indeed. The Covid-19 really forces us to reimagine/recreate how we live our lives. We spent the morning hiking in the beautiful Cave Creek Regional Park. We are fortunate to still be able to go out for a breath of fresh air and catch the wildflower in blooms. For the rest of the day, we stayed Read More

Sambal Egg Plant

Oven roasted vegetables is my preferred method of cooking non-leafy vegetables. Especially for eggplants, they soak up much less oil and preserves the taste and texture beautifully. Most of the sambal eggplant recipes I find online involve deep frying or stir frying the eggplants. Let’s make mine the first Oven Roasted Sambal Eggplant recipe and it’s super easy! Ingredients 3 Read More

Vegan Shepherds Pie

I was overjoyed when Kathleen commented on my post on Crispy Cauliflower! We knew each other through work since 1998, and after many assignment changes, we have lost touch over the years. I reached out and suggested we meet on a video conference. The wonders of technology has collapsed the years of time and distance apart like magic, and I Read More

Blackberry Lotus Seed Mooncake

I was in bay area last weekend and needed to find something zen and therapeutic to do on a quiet Sunday. There is nothing more fun than a mooncake making session with my very talented niece who invented this blackberry lotus see filling. We had a great Sunday afternoon and the mooncakes are awfully good! Guest post below from my Read More

Smoked Salmon Crostini

I have been relying on the Bruschetta recipe for years when an Italian appetizer is needed on the menu. Great recipe, except it is quite stressful to make sure it is served hot whenever we entertain. Tried this Smoked Salmon Crostini over the weekend and I liked it a lot. Appetizing, easy to prepare, can be served cold. Stress free! Read More

Copycat Postino Crispy Cauliflower

One of the new dishes I learned after moving to Scottsdale is Crispy Cauliflower at Postino. It was always an item that we pass on when we look at the menu as no one in the family like cauliflower. During one visit, I heard a server mention that it comes with a to-die-for romesco sauce. That piqued my interest, and Read More

Truffle Mushroom Quinotto

We tried mushroom quinotto at one of the Los Angeles restaurants over the New Year holiday. I liked the taste of the browned mushrooms, the texture of the quinoa, and the flavor of truffle permeating the grains. It has quite a long list of ingredients for an all-in-one dish, but if you have home-made chicken broth and the fresh herbs Read More

Fried Ikan Bilis and Peanuts

I received a jar of sambal chilli over the holidays from my friend Sheong. For many week’s I’ve been thinking how best to enjoy this prized possesion. What else? its Nasi Lemak! I haven’t been cooking much since moving to Scottsdale. This jar of sambal really came in handy. Whipping up Sambal Ikan Bilis couldn’t be easier with this ready-made Read More

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