Hot and Sour Soup

With the pandemic still raging, it’s been one year since I step foot in a Chinese restaurant. Many of the Chinese restaurants do not offer outdoor dining and we did not want to take any risk with indoor dining. I decided to prepare Hot and Sour Soup at home, it is one of our favorite items on the Chinese restaurant Read More


My newfound tequila cocktail.  Margarita with fizzzz…. Ingredients .5 oz (1 part) fresh lime juice .5 oz (1 part) simple syrup 1.5 oz (3 parts)tequila 2.5 oz (5 parts) fresh grapefruit juice 1 oz (2 parts) sparkling water Chilli lime salt for rimming Mint leaves, lime and grapefruit wedges for garnish Directions Rim the glasses with chilli lime salt. Fill Read More

Grilled Garlic Shrimp

We ushered in the first day of 2021 with a BBQ on the roof top of our apartment building. Its a beautiful day on a hopefully great new year for everyone. I think I served the best grilled shrimps I have tasted ever, the HUGE shrimps are juicy, bouncy (that’s what Hillary says when she tastes a good shrimp) and Read More

Copycat Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

We always get-together as a family during the winter holidays. When the girls were in college, we drove/flew them home so that we can spend some quality time together at home or on a vacation. For the first time in 25 years, Ashley is not going to be home for Christmas. Covid certainly threw a wrench into our holiday plans, Read More

Pluot Margarita

Another successful cocktail experiment….The most difficult part is extracting pluot juice from overripe, squishy pluots. Wear food prep gloves, squeeze the pulp into a blender, then blend and strain for the juice. I have toned down the tequila to juice ratio lately. Now that I have been making cocktail so often, its better to be measured about the level of Read More

Vietnamese Spring Roll Noodle Bowl

I was introduced to Vietnamese food after coming to the United States. I don’t recall seeing a Vietnamese restaurant growing up in Singapore. In California however, we see Vietnamese restaurants in many cities. Phở is the trademark of Vietnamese food, but whenever I go to a Vietnamese restaurant, I will always go for the dry rice noodles with Vietnamese Egg Read More

Vegetarian Chow Mein

Hanna likes to buy big bags of frozen vegetables from Costco. She’d scoop portions out from the freezer and microwave them for lunch, she seems to enjoy it a lot 🤔. I am not a fan of frozen vegetables, but as long as she takes care of her lunch and she is happy, I am happy. Its been more than Read More

A Practice Peking Duck

I’ve planned for a homemade Peking Duck for months with lots of research resulting in the purchase of a vertical roasting rack. I was totally convinced that a vertical rack is what will produce a perfect roast duck.  I came close, very close. Alas, I dropped the duck on the floor when I took it out of the oven! Sigh! Read More

Pineapple Margarita

The mixologist in me has been very busy lately dreaming up of different twists to the margarita recipe. How about replacing the lime juice with fresh pineapple juice?! As pineapple varies in tartness and sweetness, adjust the lime juice and syrup as appropriate. I typically start with less lime juice and syrup than what the recipe calls for, and adjust Read More

Grilled Corn with Truffle Cheese Salt

We signed up for a wine and food pairing experience at Williamson Wines in Healdsburg this summer. One of the memorable dishes I tried there was a simple corn salad with truffle cheese salt. The taste of truffle really shines through in this refreshing salad. This is a very simple dish, and if you have the grill on standby, fire Read More

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