Oven-baked Sambal Salmon Pockets

I wanted to create a sambal fish recipe for a while but had no luck with the white fishes I tried. The halibut and tilapi both tasted flat and failed the wow factor test. I picked up a package of BBQ salmon from Trader Joes last weekend. Its probably worth a try with a pink fish? WoW! The result is Read More

Chilli Crab

Fulfilling the last request for family labor day get-together: Chilli Crab. I don’t have the guts to kill live crabs, so I bought cooked king crab legs from Costco instead. Preparing this dish really only involved cooking the sauce and tossing the cooked crab in the sauce. I saved the drippings from steaming lobster and added chicken broth to use Read More

Lobster Roll

After addressing Ashley’s request for Omurice, I am off to prepare Lobster Roll for Hillary. We had Lobster Roll, Coleslaw, and Fresh Fruit Tart for our Labor Day brunch. I paid $60 at Costco for 8 lobster tails that weighed about 2 lbs in total. Not a bad deal. After much research on how to prepare lobster tail, I found Read More

Lee’s Omurice

Finally, the family is coming together again over Labor Day weekend. Ashley arrived first and asked for Omirice. I looked up the recipe on the net; that creamy football-like omelette is a little daunting! Fried rice and runny omelette dressed in ketchup are the key components of Omurice. I am going to dress this dish in my childhood favorite ketchup Read More

Chicken Curry Empanadas

When my mother-in-law was here to help take care of the kids, her friends taught her to make curry puffs with Betty Crocker Pie Crust mix. Whenever the craving strikes, she would send me to Lucky to pick up a box for her. She can whip up these comfort snack in no time. What’s a trip to Lucky in exchange Read More

Sweet Onion Omelette

Life’s simple pleasure is sweet onion omelette with a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice.  Shelter-in-place forces me to cook so much every week. Its tough to juggle working and cooking on a week day. I am grateful to have this simple and delightful dish to turn to when I don’t have the time prepare an elaborate meal. This sweet onion Read More

Fresh Lychee Martini

My nephew-in-law Han Ming posted in our group chat that he has lobang for $2 per pound fresh lychee. That is a steal! I jumped at the lobang and asked for 2 lbs; they gave the lychees to me as gifts instead 😊. Thank you Han Ming and Syn Wee! There are about 25 lychees to a pound. It is Read More

Spiral Curry Puff – Flaky Crust

August 9th – Singapore National Day. I was overjoyed when I found out that Singapore Connect is organizing a National Day-In-Place virtual hawker food fare. Covid has prevented us from making our annual trip home and deprived us of the hawker food that we crave so much. The organizer offered some all-time favorites from bay area Singaporean chefs. We were Read More


Pronunciation: con-KEEL-yay. That’s the new word I learned last weekend flipping though an Italian menu. Shelter-in-place has been stressful. Working from home blurs the start and end of a work day. Many days, we work round the clock ‘zooming’ with co-workers in different time zones. Everyone in our household work from home, so figuring out what to put on the Read More

Yolko Ono

On our way down from Seattle, we stayed one night Portland to break up the long drive back to the bay area. Our first stop was the Columnbia River Gorge. Wow! Awe inspiring is how I can describe the scenery in front of us.  We drove along the Columbia River Scenic highway hoping to make a few scenic stops during Read More

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