14th Arizona Gourmet Club Meet cum Lunar New Year Celebration


In keeping with the tradition of Chinese New Year, this is my contribution to the new year get-together with the Arizona Gourmet Club – Yu Sheng. I named my dish 龙腾虎跃 – tossing the salad is dragon dancing and tiger leaping 😄. 

Its a blessing to be able to celebrate lunar new year with friends and observe some traditions that we share in common – auspicious new year greetings, wearing red, new year cookies and snacks, red packets for kids, and delicious new year dishes. We had fun coming up with names for our dishes that symbolizes good luck, good health, and good fortune. Grateful for another memorable CNY far away from home. May the year of the dragon brings healthy, joy, and prosperity to everyone.

The club doubled in size in a year!
Chap Chye – 恭喜发财
Hor Fun – 民和年丰
Har Lok – 哈哈大笑
冬菇豆腐 – 福
五香 – 五福临门
鱼 – 年年有余
Basil Pork – 诸事如意
年糕 – 年年高升
Muah Chee – Fun fact from Googling Muah Chee and CNY – in Teochew, muah chee means “full of wealth” so it’s a very lucky dish to eat during Chinese New Year. It is also a traditional dish to offer to the Gods- apparently, the sticky texture will help wealth stick to you!
酒- 长长久久
New Year snacks hand carried from Singapore
It’s a treat!
Huat Ah!
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