My Southeast Asian Charcuterie Board

My Southeast Asian Charcuterie Board
Indonesian Garlic Ginger Chicken
Fried Ikan Bilis and Peanuts. Singapore Satay.
Sambal Salmon Pockets and Asian Pickled Cucumber

We met Karen and Gus through a Meetup group and they have been very gracious hosts for all the events and activities that they organized. As newbies in Arizona, we are very fortunate to be included in their meetup group and was invited to attend their Christmas party last December. They have gone all out to host the most elaborate Christmas party we have ever attended. I want to return their hospitality and invited them for a lunch at our apartment. I asked Karen if she’d like an Asian or American lunch and she chose Asian! Yay! Honestly, I can do Asian, especially Southeast Asian much better than American dishes.

I want to do something special and decided on Nasi Lemak. As always, I went overboard and ended up with lots of fixings to go with the coconut rice. After assembling all the components on the platter, I realized I have a Southeast Asian Charcuterie Board! It has the meats and savories, missing a cheese however. I have to seek out an Asian cheese to be included on this board the next time.

I truly enjoyed the process of putting this board together and sharing a delightful time with both of them on a beautiful weekend. So thankful they brought Gizmo, their precious fur baby. Nike has a new friend and I passed the dog-sitter screening for Gizmo! Looking forward to more fun gatherings, humans and dogs alike 🙂

All the components of my Southeast Asian Charcuterie Board

My first Meetup with Karen & Gus, April 2021
Gizmo, the cutest Yorkie.
Can we be friends?
Sure we can!
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