Char Siu Pot Sticker Noodles

My recreation of Mama Judy’s Won Ton Mee
Complete with all the fixings, including wontons (I made pot stickers instead of fried wontons), char siu, yu choy, green chilli, and crispy fried shallots

While in the bay area this summer, I had the opportunity to try many Singaporean dishes from several home chefs who offer hawker-style food that are closest and nearest to heart. One of my favorite dishes is Mama Judy’s Won Ton Mee that combines springy noodles, fried wontons, fresh green bok choy, and fatty-juicy char siu. Those tossing sauce that she mixed with the noodles just brings back fond memories of Wonton Mee from far away home. Before I left the bay area, I asked if she can share with me her secret sauce recipe so that I can recreate it in myself. She told me no secret! Her basic ingredients for cooking are oyster sauce, soy sauce, black sauce, tomatoes sauce, black vinegar ( balsamic vinegar), shallot oil, garlic oil, and pepper. Wow! How can I recreate this dish without any measurement?!

I have no choice but to experiment on my own. After several adjustments, this my best attempt at mixing the tossing sauce for the wonton mee. Close enough. It takes time to assemble the various components of this dish. Easy enough for me to put this post together by referencing old posts. The star of this recipe is really the tossing sauce. Looking forward to the next trip back to the bay area, so that I can try the authentic Mama Judy’s Won Ton Mee again.

Picture of Mama Judy’s Won Ton Mee that I took in the summer



  1. Mix the ingredients of the tossing sauce in the serving bowl.
  2. Boil yu choy in salted water until wilted, about two minutes. Drain and set aside.
  3. Roast Char Siu, cut into thick slices. I marinade it the day before and just roast it on the day when I need it for the noodles.
  4. Pan fry pot stickers. Set aside.
  5. Cook noodles according to package instruction. Do not overcook as you want the springy texture in the noodles.
  6. Toss noodle with sauce in the serving bowl until evenly coated.
  7. Top with pot stickers, char siu, yu choy and garnish with green chilli and crispy shallots
The magical tossing sauce
Nicely charred char siu
I love colorful dishes. Made the pot stickers with spinach and regular wraps.
Pan fried some.
Boiled a few and serve in chicken broth.
Fresh, green, tender yu choy in its natural goodness.
Noodle tossed and topped with all the fixings. Ready to serve!

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