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Lee’s Omurice

Fusion Omurice

Finally, the family is coming together again over Labor Day weekend. Ashley arrived first and asked for Omirice. I looked up the recipe on the net; that creamy football-like omelette is a little daunting!

Fried rice and runny omelette dressed in ketchup are the key components of Omurice. I am going to dress this dish in my childhood favorite ketchup baked beans instead.

Homestyle fried rice and ketchup baked beans is a killer combo indeed. I ate it three meals in a row. Never gets old.. Yum 😋.

There is treasure under the blanket!


Ketchup Baked Beans

My childhood favorite ketchup baked beans.



Ketchup Baked Beans


  1. Prepare homestyle fried rice [1].
  2. Firmly pack one rice bowl of fried rice and invert onto serving dish.
  3. Beat the eggs with salt and milk.
  4. Pour into a small omelette pan over medium high heat. Give it a few quick stir without breaking the omelette. Cover and let the steam cook the top until it is set.
  5. Slide the omelette over the rice.
  6. Add a generous laddle of ketchup baked beans over the omelette.
  7. Garnish with parsley. Serve hot.
Unmold a bowl of fried ricce.
Layer a omelette blanket.
Top with ketchup baked beans.

Mmmm, Omurice.