Holiday Charcuterie Board

After 9 months of hiatus, I am glad to make my last post of the year before 2019 is over. It’s been a year of moving and traveling for the entire family. Very thankful that we ended the year in good health and good spirits.

We are very grateful that to celebrate the holidays with dear friends and family at the 57th Gourmet Club Meet. My contribution for the event: Holiday Charcuterie board; well, more like a Charcuterie pan. I used the paella pan so that I can have peace of mind without worrying about the food falling off the board.

Tip #1: use a pan to keep your beautiful display of cured meat and cheese in place.

Tip #2. Include a variety of hard and soft cheese. I over budgeted and bought 4 different types of cheese. In the end, I could only fit three of them on the pan. Nonetheless, I managed to include my favorite cheese from TJ, the Creamy Toscano Cheese.

Tip #3. Pick a couple of cured meat. I bought salami, procuitto, and ham. In the end, only two of them made it to the pan. Again, I ran out of space.

Tip #4. Add a touch of color. I made picked vegetables using colorful baby peppers, carrots, and cauliflower; recipe to follow.

Tip #5. For the holiday theme, add pomegranate seeds and sprigs of rosemary and sage. Don’t forget cranberry chutney, they are so easy to make and tastes great on the meat and crackers.

Tip #6. Fill in the blanks with nuts, baguette, crackers, and bread sticks.

I had lots of fun putting this charcuterie ‘board’ together and enjoyed every bit of our wonderful gourmet club meet. Very thankful for great food, great games, and great company to wrap up 2019.

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