Yu Sheng for Year of Pooch

It’s the Year of the Pooch! Before Nike came into our lives, I could not imagine living with a dog. I am a convert now. Just seeing him wag his tail, snuggling up by my side when I work, and imploring with his soulful eyes to play brings so much joy and affection into our family. What did I miss all those years living without a pooch? 🤔

Certainly, we need to celebrate the Year of Pooch in honor of Nike. Wai Ping sent me some red packets this year with the iconic pooch on the envelop. It gave me the inspiration for this pooch-style Yu Sheng. I am also very grateful to Auntie Jessie for the box of treasured Yu Sheng kit brought all the way from Singapore. My Yu Sheng not only looks fit for the Year of Pooch, it also tastes as authentic as any Singapore Loh Hei. Looking forward to another great year with my beloved pooch!

BTW, to anyone still wondering about being a dog parent, don’t wonder. Just Do It!

Ingredients and Directions

If you are as lucky as me to get a box of Yu Sheng kit air-flown from SG, all you need is to shred a radish and a carrot and have plenty of patience to dress your Yu Sheng whichever way you like.

In addition to radish and carrots, candied ginger, winter melon, mango, kum quat are good additions to the Yu Sheng platter. Last year, I also found fresh kum quat in the grocery store, and they are even better replacement for candied kum quat.

Don’t fret if you don’t have a Yu Sheng kit. Follow my Yu Sheng recipe, and have a prosperous Year of the Pooch! ☺

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