Durian Cream Pie


This is my contribution for the 49th Goumet Club meet: The Unified Theory of Deliciousness. The host of the club meet says “go take your favorite non Asian dish and go make it Asian OK?”. So I deconstructed my favorite Banana Cream Pie recipe and decided to substitute the banana with durian. This goes beyond Asian, its really South East Asian. Turns out the “fragrance” and sweetness of the durian blends very well with the chocolate and flaky tart shells. Lovers of the “King of Fruits” will give thumbs up on this combination.

Actually, this is an easy blog post. I’ve already done all the hard work writing up the post for Tartine’s  Banana Cream Pie.  All I did was to mash up 600g of durian pulp with a pastry cutter, and folded it into the pastry cream. The rest of the steps are the same as the Banana Cream Pie recipe and of course, skip the bananas. Try it if you have the time and patience to follow the lengthy recipe. Enjoy!

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