Bubor Cha Cha (Sweet Potato and Taro in Coconut Milk)

First published May 18th 2015 I am still in my colorful-cooking mood. I managed to find sweet potato in three colors and taro. Wondering if green and red sweet potatoes ever existed? Perhaps not. I used emerald and ruby chestnut bits to make up for the missing colors. That is my colorful dessert for tonight’s dinner! Updated May 31st 2020 Read More

Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)

First Published Sep 18th 2015 I have been on a sambal mission lately. The main reason: I have these precious bottles of home-made crispy ikan bilis and peanuts couriered from Singapore. Now that I have the sambal chilli handy, it is time to whip up the Nasi Lemak. The cast: coconut rice, crispy ikan bilis and peanuts, Sambal Telur (Eggs), Read More

Kueh Dadar

I had to cancel my trip back to Singapore this summer due to the covid-19 pandemic. What I miss most from Singapore are obviously the friends and family that I will not get to meet this year. I will also miss the many hawker food and traditional snacks and kuehs that I grew up with. To say I love nyonya Read More

Goreng Pisang à la mode

I saw Thai Banana and Banana tempura batter mix at the Asian grocery store last weekend. I am not a fan of deep fried food, but goreng pisang (deep fried banana) is an exception. This is one of my favorite snack growing up in Singapore, and I couldn’t resist bringing both of them home. I am surprised how easy it Read More

Home-made Boba Milk Tea

This is a guest post from my daughter Ashley. She has been staying with us for the last 4 weeks and has been cooking up a storm in my kitchen. I have the ‘privilege’ to be the taste-tester of the product of her experiments. I am grateful that she took care of many lunches for us while we shelter-in-place. Most Read More

Lotus Peanut Soup

Lotus peanut soup is one of the favorite dish on our dinner menu rotation. This soup takes time to simmer on the stove, but if you have a slow cooker or an instant pot, it is easy to prepare the ingredients and let the electric cooker take care of the rest while you go about the rest of your day. Read More

Asian Street Taco

New take on old recipe. Coronavirus shelter-in-place forces everyone to be creative and make do with whatever we have. This is my popiah recipe transformed: popiah skin replaced with tortilla skin, bean sprouts and cucumber replaced with shredded cabbage. Looks like street taco, tastes like good old popiah otherwise.

Kahlúa Dalgona Coffee

We heaved a sigh of relief when Ashley finally showed up in Scottsdale last Wednesday. With the pandemic raging across America, we have been really worried about her safety in Seattle. So thankful to have her home! The first item she asked for when she booked her flight home is to make Dalgona Coffee. She told me this is the Read More

‘Eurasian’ Shepherd Pie

Our theme for the 58th gourmet club meet is Eurasian recipes, traditional or modern. According to our host, many Eurasians recipes are kept as family secrets so there aren’t many Eurasian restaurants or Eurasian cookbooks. We are encouraged to be creative as long as the recipe combines both European and South East Asian cuisines. After some research online, I realized Read More

Asian Steam Egg

I have been cooking a lot lately due to shelter-in-place. Compared to many other Moms who have to juggle work, taking care of kids, supervise home-schooling, and managing pantry supplies all at the same time, I am thankful that the girls have grown up. I don’t have to deal childcare and homework while observing shelter-in-place. However, managing work and cooking Read More

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