Vegetarian Chow Mein

Hanna likes to buy big bags of frozen vegetables from Costco. She’d scoop portions out from the freezer and microwave them for lunch, she seems to enjoy it a lot đŸ¤”. I am not a fan of frozen vegetables, but as long as she takes care of her lunch and she is happy, I am happy. Its been more than Read More

A Practice Peking Duck

I’ve planned for a homemade Peking Duck for months with lots of research resulting in the purchase of a vertical roasting rack. I was totally convinced that a vertical rack is what will produce a perfect roast duck.  I came close, very close. Alas, I dropped the duck on the floor when I took it out of the oven! Sigh! Read More

Pineapple Margarita

The mixologist in me has been very busy lately dreaming up of different twists to the margarita recipe. How about replacing the lime juice with fresh pineapple juice?! As pineapple varies in tartness and sweetness, adjust the lime juice and syrup as appropriate. I typically start with less lime juice and syrup than what the recipe calls for, and adjust Read More

Grilled Corn with Truffle Cheese Salt

We signed up for a wine and food pairing experience at Williamson Wines in Healdsburg this summer. One of the memorable dishes I tried there was a simple corn salad with truffle cheese salt. The taste of truffle really shines through in this refreshing salad. This is a very simple dish, and if you have the grill on standby, fire Read More

Tamarind Margarita

The first time I tried Tamarind Margarita is at Reposado in Palo Alto. Tamarind is known as assam (a Malay word) in South East Asia, and it is mostly used in dishes such as assam fish, assam laksa, and assam prawns. Its acidic and I love assam dishes, especially when used in Nonya cooking. But assam magarita? I’ve never heard Read More

Mango Sago Pomelo

Updated Sep 21st, 2020 We hosted Ramesh and Vibhav for a backyard lunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. A get-together with friends and family in 2020 is unusual to say the least. A clear sky with clean (good enough) air is also unusual in California after a disastrous summer of fire storms. We are ready to put summer and 2020 Read More

Oven-baked Sambal Salmon Pockets

I wanted to create a sambal fish recipe for a while but had no luck with the white fishes I tried. The halibut and tilapi both tasted flat and failed the wow factor test. I picked up a package of BBQ salmon from Trader Joes last weekend. Its probably worth a try with a pink fish? WoW! The result is Read More

Chilli Crab

Fulfilling the last request for family labor day get-together: Chilli Crab. I don’t have the guts to kill live crabs, so I bought cooked king crab legs from Costco instead. Preparing this dish really only involved cooking the sauce and tossing the cooked crab in the sauce. I saved the drippings from steaming lobster and added chicken broth to use Read More

Lobster Roll

After addressing Ashley’s request for Omurice, I am off to prepare Lobster Roll for Hillary. We had Lobster Roll, Coleslaw, and Fresh Fruit Tart for our Labor Day brunch. I paid $60 at Costco for 8 lobster tails that weighed about 2 lbs in total. Not a bad deal. After much research on how to prepare lobster tail, I found Read More

Lee’s Omurice

Finally, the family is coming together again over Labor Day weekend. Ashley arrived first and asked for Omirice. I looked up the recipe on the net; that creamy football-like omelette is a little daunting! Fried rice and runny omelette dressed in ketchup are the key components of Omurice. I am going to dress this dish in my childhood favorite ketchup Read More

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